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  UPDATED on 2/2/17




The Sharon Art Studio Spring 2017 Catalog has gone out to print and is now available online! 

Click here to view/download the catalog today!

Physical copies of the catalog should be available at the studio in mid February!



Spring Priority Registration opens Feb 25th at 10am

Spring General Registration opens Mar 4th at 10am

(Remember if you are a new member and would like to receive the printed catalogue,  or for some reason you use to receive the brochure and have not been getting it, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  PLEASE NOTE, requests received after Feb 1, 2017 will start to receive the brochure in the SUMMER session.) Limited hard copies are made available at the studio approximately 2-weeks before Priority Registration. Members can also start to look for Spring activities (studio classes)  in the Registration System prior to the brochure as Spring activities are put in the registration system ahead of our studio/FOSAS-produced brochure production.



FOSAS memberships are now renewed on-line. Practice logging-on to your ActiveNet registration account and check your membership and renew if necessary. (See sample screen below)  Please do not mail-in checks to the studio with an old membership application form from a previous brochure. Memberships are now processed through Active Net (just like class registrations). Your FOSAS membership status is instantaniously updated once you complete the on-line renewal/purchase. Remember you are able to check your membership status/expiration at anytime on-line, proactively. 

The FOSAS office will still mail you a special thank-you letter with your new FOSAS member card, but these items are not required to register for activities and we send these items approximately two weeks after your on-line renewal/purchase. 


How to renew a membership 1



 UPDATED on 1/19/17:

ANNUAL TOWN HALL MEETING is Monday, January 23, 2017 from 6:30-7:30pm at the Sharon Art Studio - Carousel Room.   Remember in addition to this news section, you can follow our Facebook page to keep aware of special events. Flyers are also posted on bulletin boards at the studio and (if you are on our FOSAS newsletter database) be sure to read important emails.  If you would like to be added to the FOSAS newsletter database, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know. There are a lot of ways for people to be informed, engaged and proactive in this creative year ahead.

Unable to join us at the studio for the meeting? Consider emailing us a studio question or comment in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will include in our follow-up newsletter and on this site. You may also post a question or comment to our Facebook page during the meeting.



 UPDATED on 1/19/17:


The FOSAS office has organized with the family of Vesta Kirby  a special January 21, 2017 memorial and creative service at the Sharon Art studio. 

DATE:  Saturday, January 21, 2017

TIME:    6-7:30pm   (Formal introduction and special readings will begin at 6:30pm)


Order of Service

6-6:30   Informal mingle and memories

            (Participants are encouraged to visit with each other and reflect on Vesta's work on display)

6:30      Introduction to the family

6:40      Special Reading:  Born to Eternal Life by Vesta Kirby

6:45      Special Reading: taken from Georgia O'Keefe's 1943 exhibition

6:50      Special Reading: an inspirational quote by Martha Graham

7:00     Shell Ceremony

           Participants are invited to take a few shells with them to leave in a special place of nature- inspired by Vesta's own words:

           "...returning to tell the loved ones where they had gone."

SPECIAL NOTES:  RSVPs are not required to attend the event.


Light refreshments will be provided.




UPDATED on 1/19/17




An additional offsite course "Museum Sketching : deYoung Museum" is now available to register.

This additional course will run on Friday afternoons (2pm-5pm)  for 5 sessions from 2/10-3/10.   This class is held offsite at the de Young.  For more information here is the link to the course      #9653  



Instructor will contact registered students prior to first session by email to confirm details. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for the upcoming session!  





Beginning Watercolor #7453  Mon ,10am-1pm 1/9-3/6 will be taught by Carlo Grunfeld

Drawing and Painting In Pastels #7466  Sat, 10am-1pm will be taught by Carlo Grunfeld


Expressive Brushstrokes #7471  Wed, 10am-1pm, 1/4-3/8 has been cancelled for Winter session.

Chinese Brush Painting #7458 Tues, 10am-12pm 1/3-3/7 has been cancelled for Winter session.

Still Life in Gouache #7603 Mon, 6:30-9:30  1/9-3/6 has been cancelled and will not run this Winter semester.  We hope to run a version of this class in a future session.







Many students have asked about a check-list to get prepared for Priority Registration on December 10th at 10am. In conjunction with the SFPRD Registration Desk, the FOSAS office put together the following information:

1) Practice logging-on to the registration site and signing-on to your account before Saturday to ensure your passwords are working, etc.  If there is an issue with your password, there is a link to have it resent/changed, etc.     Here is the link to log-on:  sfrecpark.org/register

2) Ensure your membership is active.  Once you sign-on, click the "My Account" option at the top of the screen. It will take you to your Account Options page and you should see your  Memberships/Passes and Usage link found under the Account Activity section. Memberships are now renewed on-line.
3) Research classes/activities in advance vs. waiting until the morning of Priority Registration.  (Psst... make sure you are looking at the WINTER 2017 brochure!).
4) Place desired classes in your Wish List.
5) Line-up alternate options in case your first choice of activity fills.


  • The website is live all the time now (there is not a “registration preparation down time”) so clients can log-on any time. But the Registration Desk wouldn’t advise you logging-on until about 10 minutes before the start of 10am Priority Registration. As with any internet site, if a site is idle for a long period of time, it sometimes needs to be refreshed from your end. And sometimes people can get logged-out if they are idle for too long.
  • Seconds before 10am, if a client is viewing their Wish List, they should see a countdown till exactly 10am and be able to see the “wish list” button magically turn into an Add to Cart button. If at 10am they don’t see this, they should refresh their screen (CTRL + F5) (Command + R for Mac users).
  • It is recommended/definitely encouraged for students to register from home or from their mobile device if they want a better chance to get into their class. If you come to the studio to register on Saturday, remember the studio uses DSL internet, which is slower. 




1. Q. When looking for an activity to register – and one is signed-in…why is it necessary to reconfirm “who you are?" 
A.You always have to choose the “participant” for the registration – you can also add a family member at that time to be able to register them if they are not on your account. You are not "confirming" who you are, you are just choosing who you want to register into the class/activity.

2. Q. I had a Wish-List scenario that puzzled me: a class that had been on my Wish List evaporated from my Cart and was replaced with an “incomplete entry” message...even though I’d entered everything correctly.
A. Any Incomplete entry or error messages means that the class was full when they clicked the button and they would go on the waiting list. Remember – there may be many people clicking the “add to cart” button at the exact same second, and the system has a limited number of slots to place registrations – it basically becomes random selection at that point. We would advise people wanting high-demand classes to have one or two backups ready. 

3. Q. Let's say I have a first choice and it's full at the time I try to register for it. Is it better for me to take the time to "wait list" this class and then try my second choice or go try my second choice, etc.? 
A. If an activity is full, we would go to our second choice first before doing waiting list option. 

4. Q. A spinning icon appears after I have clicked "payment." What should I do?
A. Let it spin; it may be that the credit card transaction is taking a few seconds. If it seems stuck, refresh screen and see if you can try to make payment.

The Sharon Art Studio has been given a makeover: the studio now has a new roof, and the sky light has been replaced!


sas new roof


sas skylight

Also, finally the studio's building sign includes the address! Now the studio should be easier for visitors and new students to find.

sas address

We now have two brand new gas kilns to fire pieces at cone 10! Woo-hoo!